How We Build

Our Process

From the projects inception, we custom tailor each and every design to cater to your unique lifestyle.

Rick Russell Homes, Inc. has been a Design + Build company since before it became a calling card. We have been designing and building our products since the firm's inception. Regardless of style, Traditional, Modern, County French, etc., we understand what works.

Our founder, Rick Russell, is a Tulsa-native. He relocated to Oklahoma City during his college years and never left. You will sleep comfortable at night, knowing that your builder has deep experience in dealing with the various aspects of construction as they relate to Oklahoma's specific conditions.

One of Rick's strengths that separates him from other builders is his ability to develop a unique floorplan that maxmizes its functional use of space.

    Construction Process Outline

  • Contact Rick Russell Homes
  • Receive Documentation & Complete Wishlist
  • Sign Rick Russell Homes Design Agreement
  • Complete Design Work on Your Project
  • Secure Construction Funding
  • Sign RRH Construction Agreement
  • Finalize & Approve Construction Plans
  • Make & Order Selections
  • Obtain Project Permitting
  • Construct Residence
    1. Pad Grading / Lot Prep
    2. Foundation Work
    3. MEP Rough
    4. Framing
    5. MEP Top-out
    6. Roof
    7. Exterior
    8. Windows & Door Installation
    9. Insulation
    10. Drywall
    11. Interior Trim
    12. Paint
    13. MEP Final
    14. Flooring
    15. Cleanup
  • Project Delivery
New Construction
Kitchen Renovation
Residential Construction
Hardwood Flooring
Exterior Living
Modern Design Construction
Open Living Design
Custom Built-In Cabinetry
Slider Installation
Custom Pool Install
Integrative Architecture
Cabana Design
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