Whole House Remodeling & Remodeling

Our Remodeling Process

Providing Guidance on Navigating the Maze of Details.

There are many things to consider as we help guide you through the remodeling process. Chief among them is reviewing the existing structure for physical integrity and making sound decisions about how to approach your project.

It's our commitment to Customer Service that really sets us apart. We believe that no stone should be left unturned, and will guide you throughout the entire process.

    Remodeling Process Outline

  • Contact Rick Russell Homes
  • Receive Documentation & Complete Wishlist
  • Sign Rick Russell Homes Design Agreement
  • Complete Design Work on Your Project
  • Secure Construction Funding
  • Sign RRH Construction Agreement
  • Finalize & Approve Construction Plans
  • Make & Order Selections
  • Obtain Project Permitting
  • Remodel Residence
    1. Demo Work
    2. Foundation Work, If Required
    3. MEP Rough
    4. Framing
    5. MEP Top-out
    6. Roof
    7. Exterior
    8. Windows & Door Installation
    9. Insulation
    10. Drywall
    11. Interior Trim
    12. Paint
    13. MEP Final
    14. Flooring
    15. Cleanup
  • Project Delivery
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