Kitchen & Bath Renovations

Renovations by Rick Russell Homes

Our Renovation Process

We're very proficient with Kitchen & Bath renovations.

When you are considering redesigning either a kitchen, bathroom, or even both, you will find that this is money well spent.

The data available online certainly demonstrates a significant ROI. And we could'nt agree more.

    Renovation Process Outline

  • Contact Rick Russell Homes
  • Receive Documentation & Complete Wishlist
  • Sign Rick Russell Homes Design Agreement
  • Complete Design Work on Your Project
  • Secure Construction Funding
  • Sign RRH Construction Agreement
  • Finalize & Approve Construction Plans
  • Make & Order Selections
  • Obtain Project Permitting
  • Remodel Residence
    1. Demo Work
    2. Foundation Work, If Required
    3. MEP Rough
    4. Framing
    5. MEP Top-out
    6. Roof
    7. Exterior
    8. Windows & Door Installation
    9. Insulation
    10. Drywall
    11. Interior Trim
    12. Paint
    13. MEP Final
    14. Flooring
    15. Cleanup
  • Project Delivery
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